Top ten songs everyone in Ireland sings along to

Because music is such a part of the culture in Ireland many songs have become part of the cultural consciousness – go into any pub and if you play one of these songs the chances are you will not be singing or playing alone.  This is my list in no particular order:

1. Galway Girl

Steve Earle spent some time living in Galway and inevitable fell in love – he has been married seven times after all…

2. Couldn’t Have Come At A Better Time

Luka Bloom – the brother of Cristy Moore wrote this classic that has since been used as a intro to the Kesh jig at the end of the song as in this video:

3. Brown Eyed Girl

Who can’t sing along to one of the most infectious songs ever written? This clip is worth watching just to see Van Morrisson mail in a lip synced performance with no emotion…

4. Fairytale of New York

Perhaps the best Christmas song ever, the Pogues and Kristy McColl bring an emotional and gritty song to life – the roof of the pub will be lifted around Christmas if this is played.

5. The Fields Of Athenry

Paddy Reilly took this old song in the 80’s and popularized it.  It has become an anthem for Irish Soccer fans, especially when things are going badly.  The song is about a man sent to Australia for stealing bread to feed his family.

6. Black Is The Colour

Cristy Moore heard this song in Scotland and brought it to Ireland and everyone knows it…

7. One

U2, the Irish do love singing along to some sad songs..

8. Fisherman’s Blues

The Waterboys classic song from the album of the same name created when they spent a year in the west of Ireland exploring some traditional sounds.

9. Back Home In Derry

Written by republican Bobby Sands, Christy Moore took this song and made it a standard in Ireland.  Interestingly very few good quality videos of him doing it exist so I picked this one instead.

10. Wild Rover

Who doesn’t know this one?