A Very Memorable Evening by the Great Atlantic

As well as music, the evenings offer story-telling, poetry, and dance. This piece was submitted by a participant on one of Ireland Music Tours 2012 trips.

I consider myself very lucky to have already been on this tour. The group leaders and the locals that we met, which included afternoon tea with a national politician, were interesting people and willing to share their insights into modern Irish society. We had sunny weather which gave us the chance to do a few hikes and take in the beauty of the west of Ireland landscape, which I’m convinced is some of the most spectacular anywhere in the world! On the second evening we had a lively music session in a pub in Ballyvaughan, a small village in the heart of the Burren region. I don’t play an instrument so I was delighted when the guides invited the guests to recite a poem or to dare to share a poetic composition of their own.

It’s not often an amateur poet like myself gets a chance to share what we write so I took the opportunity to share a poem that I’d written only a few months earlier about the fears that can thwart our creative voice. There were no such fears on that evening as the group were very sweet and encouraging. Others shared some of their own poetry too, some of it was very funny and full of great Irish wit. It was a memorable night sitting there in that quaint Irish pub drinking a pint of Guinness and all of us sharing our songs, tunes, poetry and great company!

Ellen O’Brien