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The Burren Walk with Ireland Music Tours

The Burren Walk with Ireland Music Tours By Donal Ni Dhonaill, Ireland. I was one of the ‘natives’ who participated on the tour this year in March. The ‘non musical’ highlight of the week for me was the Burren Walk.MORE >

A Very Memorable Evening by the Great Atlantic

As well as music, the evenings offer story-telling, poetry, and dance. This piece was submitted by a participant on one of Ireland Music Tours 2012 trips. I consider myself very lucky to have already been on this tour. The groupMORE >

A Hungry Feeling

I saw Glen Hansard the other night and loved it – he ended the set with The Auld Triangle and had the audience from Milwaukee singing along as if it was a pub in Ireland.  I particularly loved the fact theyMORE >

Top ten songs everyone in Ireland sings along to

Because music is such a part of the culture in Ireland many songs have become part of the cultural consciousness – go into any pub and if you play one of these songs the chances are you will not beMORE >

The Authentic Irish Music Experience:The Real Deal In Ireland

A very nice blog post from one of our travelers:   Posted on June 15, 2013  An Authentic Vacation  *The Real Deal Ireland Music Tours  –Where Your Song Never Ends     It was early April of this year, and IMORE >

10 Uniquely Irish Experiences

On the music tour you get to see and do things uniquely Irish, this list contains some you will do on the tour and some you can easily add on to the tour – and we will help you doMORE >

Great Irish Movies to Watch Before the trip

The following movies will give you a glimpse of Ireland, both old and new…   1. The Commitments The story of the hardest working soul band in Dublin – be warned – lots of cursing   2 Once Another musicalMORE >