About Us

Ireland music tours is run by two lifelong friends who have shared many songs and laughs along the way:


Mark Meaney

A native of County Kildare, near Dublin,  Mark has played guitar and sung for 20 years and still struggles with barre chords.  He has lived all over the world and now calls Milwaukee, Wisconsin home.  He has had many responsible jobs at large multinational companies like Intel and IBM, and he has an MBA from UC Denver. He has an irrational love of everything Van Morrison has ever recorded and loves showing people the country he loves.

Peter Murphy

A Dublin native who transplanted to County Kildare at an early age, Pete taught Mark everything he knows about playing the guitar – one of his most unsuccessful endeavors. In between singing and playing Pete has worked in marketing in many IT companies, he also has an MBA from the Smurfit School of Business in Dublin.  He lives in Limerick City where he drives a 1950’s Morris Minor car, which he might let you drive if you ask him nicely